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Grassroots coalition announced in opposition to the retention of IL Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride

Hundreds of grassroots leaders urge the rejection of Madigan’s Favorite Judge

Today, the Illinois Republican Party is proud to announce the formation of the Vote NO on Kilbride grassroots coalition. The coalition is made up of more than 500 elected officials, community leaders, and activists from across the 3rd Judicial District who publicly urge a NO vote on the retention campaign of Madigan’s Favorite Judge, Supreme Court Justice Thomas Kilbride.

“I’m honored to be joined by so many leaders and reformers in calling for an independent state Supreme Court where the people of Illinois have a fair shake. Right now, they don’t. Justice Kilbride is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Madigan Machine. After receiving $2.8 million in campaign cash from Mike Madigan, Justice Kilbride delivered results that were great for the Speaker’s pursuit of power and disastrous for the taxpayers of Illinois. That’s why Kilbride is Madigan’s favorite judge and why he must be defeated in November.” – ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider

Justice Kilbride’s Illinois Supreme Court under Madigan’s control has blocked every major economic reform that could improve the state’s legal and business climates – namely pension reform, tort reform, and medical malpractice caps. Time and again, Kilbride has sided with government insiders and special interests over taxpayers, leading to higher taxes and more corruption.

And the biggest payoff for Madigan’s $2.8 million investment in Kilbride’s judicial career has been weaponizing the Supreme Court to block any challenge to his political power. Kilbride successfully blocked term limits in 2014. In 2001, Kilbride was the deciding vote to uphold Madigan’s gerrymandered map, and in 2016, Kilbride wrote the majority opinion striking down the citizen-led ballot (“Fair Maps”) initiative that would have given voters a say in redistricting and taken the power away from Madigan to draw gerrymandered maps. 

Justice Kilbride is Madigan’s Favorite Judge because the judge has been one of the Speaker’s greatest instruments for amassing and maintaining his immense power in state government and politics. 

Coalition Members

Illinois Republican Congressmen

Adam Kinzinger, IL-16 Congressman

Darin LaHood, IL-18 Congressman

Mike Bost, IL-12 Congressman

Rodney Davis, IL-13 Congressman

John Shimkus, IL-15 Congressman

Statewide Leaders

Jim Durkin, House Minority Leader

Bill Brady, Senate Minority Leader

Tim Schneider, ILGOP Chairman

Richard Porter, RNC National Committeeman

Demetra Demonte, RNC National Committeewoman

Mark Shaw, ILGOP Co-Chair & President of Republican County Chairman’s Association

3rd Judicial District Legislators

Neil Anderson, 36th State Senate

Chuck Weaver, 37th State Senate 

Sue Rezin, 38th State Senate

John Curran, 41st State Senate

Jil Tracy, 47th State Senate

Jason Barickman, 53rd State Senate

Margo McDermed, 37th State Representative

Grant Wehrli, 41st State Representative

Tony McCombie, 71st State Representative

Ryan Spain, 73rd State Representative

Dan Swanson, 74th State Representative

David Welter, 75th State Representative

Tim Butler, 87th State Representative

Keith Sommer, 88th State Representative

Tom Demmer, 90th State Representative

Norine Hammond, 93rd State Representative

Mark Batinick, 97th State Representative

Thomas Bennett, 106th State Representative

3rd Judicial District Elected Officials, Leaders, and Activists

Bureau County

Barry Welbers, Bureau County GOP Chairman

Sandy Hoos, Activist

Sue Pratt, Activist

Nina Urbanowski, Activist

Elizabeth Novotney, Activist

George Wilhelmsen, Activist

Fulton County

John Spangler, Fulton County GOP Chairman

Kaity Spangler, Activist

Grundy County

Aren Hansen, Grundy County GOP Chairman

Ken Briley, Grundy County Sheriff

Eric Rasmussen, Grundy County Board Member

Greg Ridenour, Grundy County Board Member

Michael Mattingly, Former Grundy County GOP Chairman

Drew Muffler, Grundy County Board Member

Linda Filippelli, Activist

Joseph Schiavone, Activist

Laura Schiavone, Activist

Vic Elias, Activist

Gerry Von Qualen, Activist

Bruce Limbach, Activist

Cindy Limbach, Activist

Gary Lowery, Activist

Scott Doorn, Activist

Alice Svenson, Activist

Michelle Campbell, Activist

Jana Trofinchuck, Activist

Matt Trofinchuck, Activist

James Riley, Activist

John Peacock, Activist

Matt Meier, Activist

David Stephenson, Activist

Rob Hoge, Activist

Chris Brown, Activist

Carl Grudici, Activist

Deanna Trotter, Activist

Peter Trotter, Activist

Ellen Hanson, Activist

John Hanson, Activist

Josh Harris, Activist

Gordon Chesharen, Activist

Hancock County

Kathy Sparrow, Hancock County GOP Chairman

Mary Ruth Phillips, Hancock County GOP Secretary

Jennifer Allen, Activist

George Armilda, Activist

Scott Bentzinger, Activist

Cathy Bergmeier, Activist

Randy Bergmeier, Activist

Michael Boley, Activist

Joe Clarke, Activist

Pat Cramer, Activist

Donna Cramer, Activist

Richard Ellefritz, Activist

Greg Gronewold, Activist

Scott Hall, Activist

Walter Sellens, Activist

Rodney Sparrow, Activist

Greg Ufkes, Activist

Mary Ann Powell-Wintjen, Activist

Henderson County

Jon Riley, Henderson County GOP Chairman

Bill Knupp, Former Henderson County GOP Chairman

Colby Hathaway, State’s Attorney

Kim Gullberg, Activist

Susan Higgins, Activist

Phil Butler, Activist

Byron Sparrow, Activist

Johnny Johnson, Activist

Jeff Stanton, Activist

Kevin Geary, Activist

Larry Moreland, Activist

Edith Ray, Activist

Janet Lee Stubbs, Activist

Gus Hart, Activist

Henry County

Jan Weber, Henry County GOP Chairwoman & State Central Committeeman

Allen Anderson, Activist

William Bordwell, Activist

Phyllis Cole, Activist

Natalie Collins, Activist

Dave Dobbel, Activist

Ray Elliott, Activist

Dave Holmes, Activist

Bob Kuhns, Activist

Barb Kuhns, Activist

Beverly Lewis, Activist

Kathy Nelson, Activist

Gary Pinger, Activist

Lynn Sutton, Activist

Arnold Taube, Activist

Thomas Taylor, Activist

Bob Wachtel, Activist

Alan Yager, Activist

James Yerkey, Activist

Mary Yerkey, Activist

Jon Zahm, Activist

Nicolay Pam, Activist

Iroquois County

Susan Wynn Bence, Former President of Illinois Federation of Republican Women

Lyle Behrends, Iroquois County GOP Chairman

John Shure, Iroquois County Board Chairman

Barbara Offill, Iroquois County Board Member

Charles Alt, Iroquois County Board Member

Mitchell Bence, Activist

Jody Munsterman, Activist

Bill Milan, Activist

Kate Peters, Activist

Kankakee County

Bruce Clark, Former Kankakee County Clerk

Wanda Cantrell, Former Kankakee County GOP Chairwoman

Jayne Raef, President of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women

Colton Ekhoff, Kankakee County Board Member

John Fetherling, Kankakee County Board Member

Jeff Keast, Former Kankakee County GOP Chairman

Karl Kruse, Former Kankakee County Board Chairman

Stephen Liehr, Kankakee County Board Member

Tinker Parker, Kankakee County Board Member

Darrell Smith, Kankakee County Board Member

Dave West, Kankakee Township Assessor

Justin Krolik, Activist

Alicia Parkinson, Activist

Timmy Pawula, Activist

Cody Reinbold, Activist

Dana Van Voorst, Activist

Mike Zenz, Activist

Rita Zenz, Activist

Dale Strough, Activist

Knox County

Derrick Appell, Altona Village President

Harry Bulkeley, Retired Circuit Judge

Fred McGunnigal, Activist

Mary McGunnigal, Activist

Thomas Schmidt, Activist

Dick Cocklin, Activist

Chuck Armstrong, Activist

LaSalle County

Larry Smith, LaSalle County GOP Chairman

Carla Mathis, Activist

Archie Boe, Activist

Ray Gatza, Activist

Elizabeth Bishop, Activist

Karl Potlinger, Activist

Lorelei Wisbrock, Activist

Thomas Kreiger, Activist

DeLisa Leonard, Activist

Margie Kreier, Activist

Bill Brown, Activist

Barb  Brown, Activist

Todd Volken, Activist

Marsha Atchison, Activist

Dave Dziedzic, Activist

Julie Dziedzic, Activist

Carina Blood, Activist

Chris Blood, Activist

Eric Soderholm, Activist

Michelle Soderholm, Activist

John Leininger, Activist

Jerry Owens, Activist

Joe Zeman, Activist

Steve Tuftie, Activist

Curt Faber, Activist

Chuck Borchsenius, Activist

Martin Rue, Activist

Stephanie Thompson, Activist

Steve Aubry, Activist

Jake Aubry, Activist

Andy Bacidore, Activist

Michael Lewandowski, Activist

Eliza Leonard, Activist

Mary Nevins, Activist

Steve Atchison, Activist

Angelo Flamingo, Activist

Denetta Flamingo, Activist

Lloyd Chapman, Activist

Bernie Jenkins, Activist

Beth Findley, Activist

Larry Langston, Activist

Carol Taylor, Activist

Karen Donnelly, Activist

Alex Adkins, Activist

Marshall County

Charles Owens, Marshall County GOP Chairman

Mike Mendola, Former Marshall County GOP Chairman

Matt Weber, Activist

Ed Stunkel, Activist

Charlene Nauman, Activist

Kent Flanigan, Activist

Marty McLaughlin, Activist

Lydia Pelphrey, Activist

McDonough County

Mary Brookhart, McDonough County GOP Chairman

Gwynne Worthington, Activist

Leonard Hammond, Activist

George Dranes, Activist

Nicholas Petitgout, Sheriff

Jerry Riggins, Activist

Dan O’Neill, Activist

Judy Bedwell, Activist

Rex Bedwell, Activist

Kenneth Standard, Activist

Todd Hamilton, Activist

Cindy Moon, Activist

Janet Dixon, Activist

Lois McClintock, Activist

Ken  McClintock, Activist

Robert Balimann, Activist

Megan Pittner, Activist

John McLaughlin, Activist

Ian Fischer, Activist

Mercer County

Barbara Chiles, Mercer County GOP Chairman

Buck Rind, Activist

Greg Larson, Activist

Jen Russell, Activist

JoAnne Nelson, Activist

Michael Zecher, Activist

Peoria County

Ray LaHood, Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation & Former Congressman

Janis Straesser, President of the Peoria County Republican Women

Rick Cloyd, Former Peoria County GOP Chairman

Carol Hornickle, Former Peoria County GOP Chairman

Win Stoller, State Senate Candidate

Larry Baer, Activist

Kate Bean, Activist

Tony Bonefede, Activist

Karen Disharoon, Activist

Mary Alice Erickson, Activist

Scott Friesth, Activist

Nick Hornickle, Activist

Trent Keeling, Activist

Julie Kotewa, Activist

Laura Machetti, Activist

William (Bill) Mahl, Activist

Thorn McClellan Smith, Activist

Mary Anna Meyer, Activist

Summer Pappan, Activist

John Sahn, Activist

Bernadette Shekleton, Activist

Julie Sorce, Activist

Cynthia Steinwedel, Activist

Mary Sundermayer, Activist

Scott Szmania, Activist

Putnam County

Jaye Debates, Putnam County GOP Chairman

Sue Lanzotti, Activist

Rock Island County

Esther Joy King, Candidate for Congress

Drue Mielke, RI County GOP Chairman and County Board Member

Bill Bloom, Former RI County GOP Chairman

Mike Steffen, Former RI County GOP Chairman

Janice Aguirre, Activist

Louis Alongi, Activist

Lucy Armstrong, Activist

Jack Boccarossa, Activist

Victoria Boldt, Activist

Alfred Bradley, Activist

Chris Browne, Activist

Brad Carroll, Activist

Russell Christ, Activist

Roxanne Croegaert, Activist

Nancy Devriese, Activist

Jaclyn Dooley, Activist

Jim Drish, Activist

Debbie Drish, Activist

Arlis Enburg, Activist

Dennis English, Activist

Glen Evans, Activist

Henry From, Activist

Robert Gochee, Activist

Robert Hartley, Activist

Sharon Heinze, Activist

Peggy Huffstutter, Activist

Willard James, Activist

Donald William Johnson, Activist

Shelva King, Activist

William Kirkham, Activist

Treyton Lamphier, Activist

Bill Long, Activist

Albert Long, Activist

Viva Long, Activist

Janet Long, Activist

Marlene Mohr, Activist

Richard Phillis, Activist

Rebecca Prettyman, Activist

Dan Rasmussen, Activist

Jeffrey Rice, Activist

Thomas Romano, Activist

Betty Schmidt, Activist

Emmy Sharaan, Activist

Rodney Simmer, Activist

Barry Spera, Activist

Marian Stallings, Activist

Robert Steinman, Activist

Kathleen Tucker, Activist

Bob Westefahl, Activist

Stark County

Mike Bigger, Stark County GOP Chairman & State Central Committeeman

Steven Sloan, Stark County Sheriff

Jim Nowlan, Former State Representative

Thomas Howes, Activist

Lee Hager, Activist

Melissa Shipp, Activist

Tim McMillen, Activist

Al Curry, Activist

Mike Rumbold, Activist

Tazewell County

Jim Rule, Tazewell County GOP Chairman

Mary Burress, Tazewell County Treasurer & State Senate Candidate

Dave Zimmerman, Tazewell County Board Chairman

Wayne Altpeter, Tazewell County Board Member

Virgil Cihla, Activist

Malcolm Kinsinger, Activist

Craig Friend, Activist

Tim Latronico, Activist

Kathryn Yontz, Activist

Loni Smith, Activist

Kristie Bailey, Activist

Marc Bailey, Activist

Barbara Smith, Activist

Michael Smith, Activist

David Allen, Activist

Lynda Sharp-Lower, Activist

Chad Bell, Activist

Dennis Koch, Activist

Marilynn Gunn, Activist

Eugenia Dennis, Activist

Roberta Keyser, Activist

Norm Sales, Activist

Jeff Lower, Tazewell County Sheriff

Stephanie Altpeter, Activist

Kim Allen, Activist

Hollie Hanley, Activist

Preston Hanley, Activist

Charles Hanley, Activist

Jane Hoffmire, Activist

Casey Hoffmire, Activist

Diane Hahn, Activist

Carol Baker, Activist

Michelene Koch, Activist

M. Shemansky, Activist

R. Shemansky, Activist

John Baer, Activist

Pat Schmillen, Activist

Mike Brenkman, Activist

John Gilligan, Activist

Marilyn Florie, Activist

Christine Martha, Activist

Judy Getz, Activist

Charles Broy, Activist

Warren County

Cory Burgland, Warren County GOP Chairman

Andy Doyle, Warren County State’s Attorney

Ken McMillan, Former State Senator

Wendell Shauman, Activist

Marcus Doyle, Activist

Marti Edwards, Activist

Daniel Cox, Activist

Dainita Ornery, Activist

Donna Scott, Activist

Ralph Whiteman, Activist

Stan Jenks, Activist

Sean Cavanaugh, Activist

Phil McVey, Activist

Albert Algren, Activist

Gina Long, Activist

Pete Loomis, Activist

Whiteside County

Kurt Glazier, Whiteside County GOP Chairman

George Thompson, Whiteside County Board Member

Marci Bohnert, Activist

Kristopher Schmidt, Activist

Rod Copeland, Activist

Connie Landheer, Activist

Will County

George Pearson, Will County GOP Chairman

Roger Claar, Former Mayor of Bolingbrook

Steve Balich, Will County Board Member

Julie Berkowicz, Will County Board Member

Gretchen Fritz, Will County Board Member

Tim Kraulidis, Will County Board Member

Tom Weigel, Will County Board Member

Cornel Darden, Will County Young Republicans Chair

Ben Bierly, Jackson Township Republican Chair

Peter Delaney, Lockport Township Republican Chairman

Marianne DeMeritt, Former Will County GOP Chairman

Edward Ronkowski, Former Will County GOP Chairman

Ryan Hagen, Frankfort Township Republican Chairman

Tuck Marshall, Manhattan Township Republican Chairman

Stacy Mazurek, Washington Township Republican Chairman

Natalie Murawski, Peotone Township Republican Chairman

Frankie Pretzel, New Lenox Township Republican Chairman

Tim Ozinga, Candidate for State Representative

Michelle Smith, Deputy State Central Committeewoman CD 11

Linda Adamowski, Activist

Kevin Ade, Activist

Katherine Anderson, Activist

Donna Antolik, Activist

Ray Antolik, Activist

Leon Ausec, Activist

Kevin Baer, Activist

Alyssia Benford, Activist

Marty Boban, Activist

Brandi Bouton, Activist

Brian Bouton, Activist

Maureen Broderik, Activist

Kris Budz, Activist

Larry Camis, Activist

Carissa Catellier, Activist

J Catellier, Activist

Kristine Chronister, Activist

Tyler Clausen, Activist

Jennifer Consolino, Activist

Monica Cruz, Activist

Danielle Custardo, Activist

Anthony Cyranek, Activist

Frank D’Ambrosio, Activist

Dawn Damiani, Activist

Patty Deiters, Activist

Barb Delaney, Activist

JT DiGiovanni, Activist

Suzanne Doll, Activist

Laura Dominick, Activist

Megan Dominick, Activist

Tim Dominick, Activist

Nick  Ficarello, Activist

Doug Finnegan, Activist

Kevin Flesch, Activist

Barbara Fletcher, Activist

Dale Fontana, Activist

Jessica Frankowski, Activist

Steve Friant, Activist

Carolynn Gallman, Activist

Tracie  Gambino , Activist

Dave Guzak, Activist

Mike Guzak, Activist

William Harkins, Activist

Leon Hart, Activist

Barbara Healy, Activist

Barbara Hermanowicz, Activist

Gerald Hickey, Activist

KyreaKoula Hilliard, Activist

Kathy Hilton, Activist

Camille Holcombe, Activist

Jason Hudson, Activist

Kevin Hurtubise, Activist

Donald Ibarra, Activist

Dianna Ingram, Activist

Joel Johnston, Activist

Philip Juarez, Activist

Barbara Kaupas, Activist

Richard Kavanaugh, Activist

Joe Kearn, Activist

Keifer Keigher, Activist

Tom Kelly, Activist

Jackie Keltner, Activist

Steve Kent, Activist

Chris Kosel, Activist

Debbie Kraulidis, Activist

Stacie Kreag, Activist

Cindy Laha, Activist

Bruce Lahia, Activist

Renee Langeloh, Activist

Dale Larson, Activist

Lori Lindberg, Activist

Christopher Matthew, Activist

Dave Maxwell, Activist

Tom McCullagh, Activist

James McDonald, Activist

Christine McGovern, Activist

Tina McGrath, Activist

John McNellis, Activist

Mary McNellis, Activist

Dennis McPartlin, Activist

Dave Medema, Activist

Laura Mesich, Activist

Donna Migliorese, Activist

Kathy Moretti, Activist

Mark Munizzo, Activist

Zyan Navarra, Activist

Jennifer Paganessi, Activist

Bill Passaglia , Activist

Porter Phil, Activist

Dave Podzory, Activist

Heather Polante, Activist

Hal Prohaska, Activist

Jonnie Prohaska, Activist

Nick Raineri, Activist

Jodie Randall, Activist

Leon Rasec, Activist

Mary Beth Regan, Activist

Nora Regan , Activist

Mark Revis, Activist

Curt Riemer, Activist

Eric Roche, Activist

Julie Rogus, Activist

Diana Rolley, Activist

Kevin Rolley, Activist

Sarah Rusin, Activist

Nicole Sanders, Activist

Victor Santana, Activist

Megan Saverino, Activist

Peter Saverino, Activist

Sara Schmidt, Activist

Allie Settle, Activist

Janette Shiperak, Activist

Lynn Simmons, Activist

Russ Simmons, Activist

Mike Smith, Activist

Diane Soderborg, Activist

Steve Soderborg, Activist

Dee Soderstrom , Activist

Susan Stompanato, Activist

Renata Spina, Activist

Grant Spooner, Activist

Kristen Steeves, Activist

Cyndy Stevens, Activist

Cathy Stochi, Activist

John Stochi, Activist

Chris Stompanato, Activist

Scott Strache, Activist

Lindsey Sykora, Activist

Linda Tomnitz, Activist

Daniel Tylka, Activist

Andy Usowski, Activist

Larry Vacala, Activist

Krystyna Vela, Activist

Francis Volpe, Activist

Kandy Waldie, Activist

Jennifer Warner, Activist

Douglas Webb, Activist

Judy Wooten, Activist

Tina Wortmann, Activist

Tom Wortmann, Activist

Kim Yeoung, Activist

Victor Zack, Activist


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