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Chicago — Welcome back to yet another edition of Continuing Corruption, the place you go to every week to learn about how another member of the Democrat Party of Illinois betrayed the trust of their constituents. When politicians are accused of compromising their moral compasses for personal gain, the consequences reverberate through the halls of power. Such is the case with Tom Cullerton, a former Illinois senator whose involvement in a do-nothing job scandal left a stain on his political career. 
Senator Cullerton represented the 23rd district as an Illinois senator from 2013 until his resignation in 2022 and pleading guilty to federal embezzlement charges.

Tom Cullerton’s downfall began with a 41-count federal indictment in August 2019. The indictment alleged that Cullerton had pocketed approximately $275,000 in salary and health benefits from the Teamsters for a job that required little to no actual work. The disclosure of Cullerton’s charges came in the wake of Teamsters chief John Coli pleading guilty to extortion charges.

A distant relative of Tom, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton had no choice but to remove Tom as chairman of the Senate Labor Committee following the indictment. However, instead of a complete withdrawal from political responsibilities, Cullerton named his relative as chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

One of the most troubling aspects of Tom Cullerton’s journey is that just 11 days after being released from prison, he ventured into the realm of lobbying.

Cullerton serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of political greed and the imperative need for ethical conduct within the political sphere. It highlights the importance of maintaining trust, transparency, and accountability in our elected officials. The citizens must demand unwavering integrity from their leaders and reinforce the belief that no one is above the law.


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