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CHICAGO — Welcome back to our series, Continuing Corruption, where we’ll always shine a light on the Illinois Democrats who continue to engage in corrupt, criminal behavior. Last week we wrote about Elgie Sims, who is under federal investigation for allegedly using his powers as a legislator to get a quick buck. This week we’re continuing that theme by introducing you all to former Rep. Luis Arroyo, whose attempt to bribe a fellow lawmaker so he could profit financially from state dealings landed him in jail.

Who is Luis Arroyo? He was the state representative for Illinois’ Third District from 2006-2019, who also served as Assistant Majority Leader to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2017. He chaired the Appropriations-Capital committee, which played a crucial role in getting Governor J.B. Pritzker’s $45 billion infrastructure plan and gas tax hike passed.

In August of 2019, Arroyo attempted to bribe a fellow lawmaker in exchange for a favorable vote on gambling-related legislation, that he, as a registered Chicago lobbyist, would directly benefit from.

In October 2019, Arroyo was charged with one count of federal program bribery. He was never expelled from his office, choosing to resign before any arrangements were made. In his resignation letter, he made sure to thank his pal Pritzker for ‘doing what others before him could not do’, in passing the $45 billion plan the corrupt Democrat supported.

After pleading guilty to a federal wire fraud charge in 2021, Arroyo is currently serving a five-year stint in prison for his crimes.

Illinois is lucky that the lawmaker Arroyo attempted to bribe had the decency to turn him in, but we know from our previous and future editions of this series, that’s not always the case within the Democrat Party.


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