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CHICAGO — The latest SCOTUS decision over affirmative action has Democrats crying foul. Over what, exactly? Claims that BIPOC students wouldn’t be able to get into good colleges; it is insulting and ignores the actual contributing factors that have led to the issue. In reality, this landmark decision marks a significant step towards a fair merit-based system that ensures equal opportunity for all students.

As Don Tracy, Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party puts it in his op-ed published in Real Clear Politics, if Democrats really want to improve the education of Black and brown students, they’d focus on learning opportunities from kindergarten to senior year of high school, not just college admissions.

Tracy wrote: “Instead, black and brown children living in America’s cities are collaterally damaged by Democratic party politics. Democrats care more about currying favor with teachers unions to win elections than they do about creating opportunities for children.

Chicago Public Schools aren’t doing a good job educating their students, with approximately one fifth of students being able to read and do math at their grade level. This is a massive problem that the Democrats just don’t care about. Rather than giving kids the opportunities to learn in environments best suited for their needs, Illinois Democrats are focused on throwing money at public schools who fail our students.

“Just this spring, Pritzker, Welch, and the Democrats killed the Invest in Kids school choice program that enabled disadvantaged black and brown children to attend the same elite private schools to which they send their own children,” Tracy wrote.

As Chairman Tracy argues throughout the piece, school choice is the way to ensure all students excel in their studies; not allowing Affirmative Action to choose winners and losers based on their race.Read more from Chairman Tracy in Real Clear Politics here.


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