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Let’s be honest, anyone who has balanced their budget, gone to the grocery store, or filled up their gas tank recently can tell you that inflation remains high.

Yet, Democrat leaders like President Joe Biden and Governor J.B. Pritzker aren’t counting the ways they can save families in Illinois money – instead, they’re talking about spending more!

While Biden travels to Chicago to talk about all the tax dollars his administration is spending, a new fiscal year is rapidly approaching, where many new Pritzker tax hikes and fee increases are set to kick-in. Just take a look at all the new ways Pritzker and Illinois Democrats are going to be taking more money out of YOUR pockets beginning this Fourth of July weekend:

•Returning Grocery Tax.

•Motor Fuel Tax Increase.

•Permits to Cremate Remains? Doubled.

•Cost to Obtain County Recorder Real Estate Information? Doubled.

•Local Sales Tax Increase.

•Minimum Wage Increase = Tax on Small Businesses and Consumers.

As families and small businesses prepare for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, know this: inflation may be high, but Biden and Pritzker’s tax-and-spend policies will make costs at the register even higher.

Please see the following statement from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy:

“Illinoisans aren’t interested in watching Joe Biden and J.B. Pritzker offer self-congratulatory pats on the back while their families struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on in their small businesses. It’s time for Democrats to offer relief and real solutions to the issues Illinois families face, not more of the same tax-and-spend agenda that got us where we are today.”


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