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CHICAGO —  In case you missed it, the Illinois Supreme Court reinstated Pritzker signed legislation that would end cash bail. Now we’re forced to wait and see how this is going to inevitably blow up.

While the progressive camp is throwing confetti in celebration, the rest of us are bracing ourselves for impact. Just take a look at what folks across Illinois are saying about the UN-SAFE-T Act:

“The legislature should finally heed the concerns of law enforcement, judges and their communities and immediately return for a special session to properly address the SAFE-T Acts’ negative impact on the public before this ill-conceived statute goes into effect in 60 days.” –Senate Republican Leader John Curran (7/19).

“Out of 102 State’s Attorneys throughout Illinois, 100 opposed the Act as written.. Unfortunately, the citizens of Illinois who are the sovereign authority were not consulted in this significant matter.” – Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow (7/19).

“The court ignored the pleas of nearly every prosecutor in the state of Illinois, Democrat and Republican, that the elimination of cash bail will put dangerous criminals back on the street, instead of keeping them in jail or forcing them to post cash bail as they await trial.” – Chris Southwood, State Lodge President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (7/19).

“I am very disappointed with the ruling made by the Illinois Supreme Court Democrat majority that was elected by Governor Pritzker. I have always stood with our police and will always back the men and women that wear the badge each day to help keep our communities safe.” – State Rep. Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) (7/19). 

“The Democrats have endangered the citizens of Illinois. In fact, their original draft was so terrible it has been through multiple amendments so far. But no number of amendments will fix the SAFE-T Act, it needs to be repealed.” – State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) (7/19).

Let’s put it this way: if Al Capone was arrested today on tax evasion, the Democrats would’ve had him released before lunch.


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