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Chicago – Continuing our commitment to uncovering corruption within Illinois politics, we remember the shady history that the Democrat Party wants us to forget. In the realm of politics, trust and integrity are pillars that shape public perception and determine the trajectory of careers. Sadly, there are instances where politicians succumb to temptation, compromising their moral compass for personal gain. Terry Link, a former Illinois Senator, found himself in such a predicament when he became entangled in a tax evasion scandal that shook the foundations of his political career.

Link served as a Democrat member of the Illinois Senate representing the 30th District, which includes parts of Lake County, from 1997-2021. He was the Senate Assistant Majority Leader and a member of the Legislative Ethics Commission.

Link was known for his involvement in various legislative initiatives during his tenure, particularly in the areas of gambling and transportation. Link had been an advocate for expanding gambling in Illinois and was instrumental in the passage of legislation that led to the construction of new casinos and the introduction of video gambling in the state. He also served as the chairman of the Senate Gaming Committee.

Link’s transgressions centered around his personal income taxes. In 2020, he faced charges of tax evasion, accused of underreporting his income and filing false statements. It is disheartening to witness an elected official, who should serve as a role model, engage in such unlawful activities

Do you remember Luis Arroyo? In 2019, Link wore a wire for the FBI and recorded former state Rep. Luis Arroyo offering him a bribe. It is believed that Link agreed to cooperate in exchange for a lighter sentence on his pending charges.

The Terry Link tax evasion scandal serves as a cautionary tale, showcasing the consequences of personal greed and unethical behavior in politics. It highlights the importance of maintaining trust and accountability in our elected officials. We must demand integrity and ethical conduct from our leaders, reinforcing the belief that no one is exempt from the consequences of their actions.


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