Senate Republican Leader John Curran
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House Republican Leader Tony McCombie
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Party Officials


Chairman Michael Whatley & Co-Chair Lara Trump  310 First St., S.E. Washington, DC 20003
Illinois National Committeeman  Richard Porter
Illinois National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte

Illinois Republican Members of Congress

12th Congressional District: Rep. Mike Bost
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15th Congressional District: Rep. Mary Miller
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16th Congressional District: Rep. Darin LaHood
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Illinois Republican State Central Committee

Chairman: Don Tracy

1st Congressional District: Tim Ozinga

2nd Congressional District: Judy Diekelman

3rd Congressional District: Jeanne Ives

4th Congressional District: Jay Reyes

5th Congressional District: Aaron Del Mar

6th Congressional District: Sean Morrison

7th Congressional District: Mark Hosty

8th Congressional District: Dean White

9th Congressional District: Joan Lasonde

10th Congressional District: Mark Shaw

11th Congressional District: Laura Pollastrini

12th Congressional District: Rhonda Belford

13th Congressional District: Myles Nelson

14th Congressional District: Larry Smith

15th Congressional District: Jason Plummer

16th Congressional District: Jan Weber

17th Congressional District: Chad Weaver

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