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Democrat Politicians Who Created $8 Billion Deficit Haven’t Met a Tax Hike They Didn’t Like

The very same Democratic Politicians who created the massive $8 billion deficit are making one final push for their ultimate goal of getting unyielding power to tax middle-class families, small businesses, and retirees. 

The team, led by ultimate tax raising coach J.B. Pritzker, consists of some of the most ardent tax hikers in Illinois. From Toni Preckwinkle, who flipped and gave Cook County the largest sales tax in the country to Illinois’ two U.S. Senators who are always more than willing to advocate for higher taxes on Illinois families.

Curiously missing from tonight’s Tax Hike Team webinar is General Manager, all around shot caller and retirement tax hiker, Speaker Mike Madigan. 

Another tax hiker sidelined from tonight’s event is Treasurer Michael “let’s tax retirement income” Frerichs. Clearly, Frerichs was benched for being too honest with voters when he admitted the Tax Hike Amendment would allow Springfield Politicians to raise taxes on retirement income. 

“These Democrat politicians are the very same people who have plunged Illinois into an $8 billion deficit. Now they want new unyielding taxing powers so they can go after middle-class families next,” said ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider. “They know this is the worst possible time to raise taxes, but clearly nothing will stop them from trying to get new taxing powers.”


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