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ILGOP Handing Out Voter Fraud Alert Fliers in DuPage County

WATCH: Video of Electronic Voting Machine “Glitch” 

The Illinois Republican Party has learned of potential voter fraud in DuPage County that has been occurring for more than a week.

 Several voters have reported that while reading the questions on the screen of the electronic voting machines at early voting locations in DuPage County, after 10 seconds, the machine will automatically highlight Mike Madigan endorsed candidates and the Tax Hike Amendment in red.

 “This is an outrageous abuse of our voting system and must be quickly remedied. Speaker Madigan and the Democrats will stop at nothing to enact higher taxes on our middle class families and retirees,” said Tim Schneider, ILGOP Chairman. “Illinois GOP volunteers will be handing out fliers in DuPage County to voters alerting them of this clear abuse of our election system.”

 “This serious issue needs to be immediately corrected before it further impacts the election. We continue to see more and more proof as to just how far Democrats are willing to go to rig this election,” said House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.

WATCH: Video of Electronic Voting Machine “Glitch”



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