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If being a giant hypocrite were an Olympic sport, Southern Illinois state Supreme Court candidate Judy Cates would be a gold medalist. Cates has staked her entire case for a spot on the state’s highest court to a disgusting smear of her opponent Justice David Overstreet. 

The Cates campaign and a Super PAC, both funded by metro east trial lawyers and Democrats, have relentlessly attacked Overstreet over a unanimous June 2020 appellate court decision. Judy Cates claimed that Overstreet freed from jail a child rapist who is now “wandering around Southern Illinois, free to rape again.” 

Judy Cates is a liar. Read what Justice Milton Wharton, an African American Democrat, and author of the opinion in this case, had to say about Judge Judy’s smear. 

And in a last gasp of desperation, her Super PAC is now sending around these alarming texts to voters:

The link sends people to their campaign website against Overstreet. Appalling.

What is more appalling, however, is that when almost the exact same legal scenario played out four years prior, Cates also joined her colleagues in a decision that remanded a child sexual assault case back to trial court.

The Madison-Record reports…

But court records show that four years ago Cates, as appellate court justice in the same court where Overstreet serves, made a very similar concurrence in the case of a Bethalto man.


In a Nov. 22, 2016 opinion, Cates concurred with a majority to reverse the first conviction of Michael Burgund, who upon second trial was convicted of sexually assaulting his two minor daughters between the ages of one and three. 

The appellate court decision that Cates concurred in, like the one Overstreet concurred in, remanded the case back to the trial court for a second trial. The second Burgund trial took place a year and a half later, in Madison County.

Yes, you are reading this right. Judy Cates and her SuperPAC have spent millions of dollars on TV and in mailboxes spreading the disgusting lie that Overstreet “released” a child “molester” as an “unregistered sex offender” into our communities. 

If that were remotely true, Judy Cates would be guilty of doing the exact same thing 4 years earlier.

“Judy Cates is unfit for the Supreme Court. She has shown time and time again that she will say or do anything to win this campaign. Not only is she a smear merchant trafficking in disgusting lies, Judy Cates is a world class hypocrite.” – ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider


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