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CHICAGO — Playbook this morning outlined Mayor Johnson’s new plan to deal with the migrant crisis in Chicago – make it someone else’s problem.

As Mayor Johnson plans to foist responsibility for housing migrants onto religious institutions and private organizations, the same responsibility he publicly committed during his campaign and after winning, he has decided to blame Republicans in the House of Representatives for the lack of action on controlling the border crisis. 

You read that right. Despite Democrats controlling the White House and by extension the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Senate, the Illinois Statehouse, both houses of the Illinois legislature AND the Chicago City Council, the inability to deal with migrants at the border is the fault of Republicans. This level of delusion rivals even that of Governor Pritzker, who seems to have forgotten on his early 2028 Presidential campaign tour that the sanctuary city policies he and Mayor Johnson have continued to support are the reason buses continue to arrive.

ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement:
“Democrats like JB Pritzker and Brandon Johnson can’t admit to the facts: their sanctuary policies have failed, their party leaders in Washington have failed, and they have failed. Pointing the finger and shifting responsibility is not leadership, and the inability of Democrats to gain control of this crisis despite full control of this state’s government is a sign that they are delusional, incompetent, and ineffective leaders. 

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