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CHICAGO — With news of Chicago City Council passing a resolution calling for ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict led by Mayor Johnson and radical Illinois Democrats, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following response: 

“Democrats in Chicago and across the state would rather engage in posturing theatrics than take action to protect our citizens. Today’s vote is not only a slap in the face to the hostages held at the hands of terrorists abroad, but sends a clear message that the City Council and Chicago Democrats would rather do anything except their jobs. Much like Nero, while Chicagoans are dying due lax criminal prosecution backed by Brandon Johnson and JB Pritzker. Migrants are overrunning Chicago due to inconsistent, dysfunctional responses from the city and state. Chicago Public Schools are failing and about to become less safe if Johnson succeeds in removing police officers from schools. Democrats would rather waste time virtue signaling about a conflict half a world away than do the hard work of governing for the common good.”

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