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CHICAGO — Yesterday evening, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced that two south side Catholic schools would be closing their doors after a combined 196 years of education due to JB Pritzker and Illinois Democrats taking educational opportunity away from under-resourced children. 

The removal of the Invest in Kids policy, a tax credit scholarship program giving low-income children the opportunity to choose the school that works best for them, is already having disastrous impacts. When the bill was not even voted on by the legislature, it became clear that thousands of students, families, and schools would be impacted. 

From the Daily Herald’s coverage of the legislature’s inaction on the bill: “It puts our school and our families in a challenging situation, and worst of all, puts our students at risk of losing the opportunity to attend their best-fit school.”

Choices have consequences, and JB Pritzker’s inaction on scholarships for under-resourced children is having a predictable impact: Illinois schools are closing.

ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement: 
“This is another case of Illinois Democrats choosing the special interest of their teacher union donors over the public interest.”

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