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Chicago, IL – Earlier this week, the “ComEd Four” were found guilty on all charges related to a conspiracy to bribe Former Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

“Finally, we are starting to see Illinois Democrats held accountable for their corrupt actions. After decades of Democratic insiders putting their personal interests ahead of Illinois residents, it’s now clear that the Madigan Democrat machine corrupted Illinois State government,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.

“Former Speaker Madigan may be gone, but we can’t forget that Illinois Democrats across the state – from Gov. JB Pritzker on down – supported, enabled and kissed the ring of Speaker Madigan,” added Chairman Don Tracy.

In 2020, a special investigation committee was created in the Illinois General Assembly, but then quickly shut down by now House Speaker Chris Welch and Illinois Democratic Party Chairwoman Lisa Hernandez. They abdicated their responsibility to the people of Illinois to cover for Mike Madigan and were rewarded for their loyalty by obtaining major leadership positions in the Democratic Party that they currently hold. Speaker Welch even called the investigation a “political show that was concocted” by Republicans as a “power grab” for the minority party,” but this week’s verdict proved what we already knew – that Illinois Democrat corruption is not a Republican talking point but something that is unfortunately real, pervasive, and a serious threat to honest government.


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