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Chicago, IL – President Joe Biden announced his re-election campaign through a digital ad, according to a statement released yesterday morning. However, regardless of how many takes, cuts, edits, and sound effects are added, President Biden cannot erase his Administration’s disastrous record over the last four years.

“Americans are deeply concerned about four more years of inflation, out-of-control spending, massive amounts of fentanyl coming across the open border, and rising crime rates as nine major cities recorded record homicide numbers in 2022. In addition to inadequate platforms at home, his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan projected weakness abroad.”

“Families are hurting under Biden’s America as real wages have fallen every month since Biden and Democrats passed their wasteful and inflationary stimulus, and under Biden’s leadership, all 50 states have recorded their highest average gas prices ever,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.

“The simple question every voter across the country should be asking themselves right now is: are you safer, more secure, and more prosperous than you were four years ago? The simple answer is no,” added Chairman Don Tracy.

The President’s re-election announcement further reinforced just how out of touch he is with reality. In the 2024 Presidential Election, voters will choose between two paths for America: a bright future filled with safety, security, and economic prosperity for all Americans; or more of the same from Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.


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