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Chicago, IL – Last week, the “ComEd Four” were found guilty on all charges related to a conspiracy to bribe Former Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, and while this guilty verdict is a reflection on every House Democrat who enabled Former Speaker Madigan and the pervasive culture of corruption in Springfield over the past few decades, more questions remain.

At present, one very large question is why – in December 2020 – now House Speaker Chris Welch, Democratic Party of Illinois Chairwoman Lisa Hernandez, and State Rep. Natalie Manley voted along party lines to shut down the Special Investigating Committee tasked with looking into alleged misconduct by then House Speaker Michael Madigan. This was a clear abdication of their responsibility and duty to taxpayers, and they should have to explain this to their constituents.

“Speaker Chris Welch, Democratic Party of Illinois Chairwoman Lisa Hernandez, and other Democrats on the Special Investigating Committee failed the people of Illinois, and it is no surprise they continue to cover up the truth. Why did Welch and Hernandez refer to the special investigation committee on Madigan a ‘political show’ and ‘sham investigation’? They had the opportunity to uphold their oaths of office and end the culture of corruption but chose not to,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “This guilty verdict only proved what we already knew – that Illinois Democrat corruption is not a Republican talking point but something that is unfortunately real, pervasive, and a serious threat to honest government,” added Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. 

Instead of promoting accountability, and ending the pervasive corruption that has plagued our state, Speaker Welch, Chairwoman Hernandez, and other House Democrats chose to protect the politicians and political insiders by covering for Mike Madigan, and they were rewarded handsomely for their loyalty with major leadership positions in the Democratic Party. In light of last week’s guilty verdict, Welch and Herandez should have to explain this decision to their constituents and all Illinois voters.


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