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Chicago, IL – Yesterday, Brandon Johnson took over as Chicago’s 57th Mayor. After years of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s failures, the bar is set low. Nevertheless, Chicago government is likely to get worse. Many residents and business owners are concerned that under Mayor Johnson, Chicago’s troubles of violent crime, infrastructure, failing schools, and cost of living will only get worse.  

“Now that Brandon Johnson and the Chicago Teachers Union have taken over City Hall, the nation may have to witness damaging progressive utopia politics that will complete the push of this great city to financial ruin. Democrat Socialist Mayor Johnson will be soft on crime and pursue the political agenda of the CTU, instead of the will of the people.  As warm weather and Memorial Day weekend arrives, will we have another ‘Summer of Joy’ in Chicago with anti-police rhetoric and mob takeovers of downtown Chicago?

We wish the great people of Chicago good luck and hope we are wrong about Mayor Johnson,” said Illinois Republican Chairman Don Tracy. 


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