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On Tuesday, February 13th, 2018, the Palos, Orland, Worth, Lyons and Lemont Township Republican Organizations all passed resolutions condemning Arthur Jones’ racist views and encouraging Republican Primary voters to undervote Arthur Jones in the upcoming primary. Additionally, the resolutions called on voters to get engaged in the civic process to prevent extremists like Jones from hijacking party nominations and corroding our country’s democracy.

Text of the 3rd Congressional District Township Republican Organizations’ Resolution Calling on Republican Primary Voters to Undervote Arthur Jones in the Upcoming March, 20, 2018 Primary:

WHEREAS, Illinois Republicans are unified in revulsion at the racist and anti-Semitic beliefs of Arthur Jones, the sole candidate running for Congress in the Republican Primary for the 3rd Congressional District;

WHEREAS, the beliefs of Nazis like Arthur Jones have no place in our country and are inconsistent with the Republican Party’s platform that states “all Americans stand equal before the law;”

WHEREAS, the Republican Party was founded in the nineteenth century by anti-slavery activists who were committed to the proposition that “all men are created equal”

WHEREAS, the Republican Party subsequently led the fight to assure all human beings have equal standing before the law, promoting the foundational idea that each person be judged as an individual on merit and not their race, religion or other circumstance of birth;

WHEREAS, the struggle to affirm the equal moral status of each individual regardless of skin color or faith, while maintaining and nourishing our union as a single people, continues to animate the Republican Party today, especially in these times of racial tension when the country needs to come together rather than divide.


RESOLVED,  that we Republicans of the Orland Township Republican Organization strongly and unequivocally condemn the racist views and candidacy of Arthur Jones as a Republican candidate in the 3rd Congressional District

RESOLVED, that we urge Republican primary voters in the Third Congressional District to undervote Arthur Jones in the upcoming March 20th, 2018 Primary Election;

RESOLVED, that we Republicans in the Third Congressional District and across Illinois urge civic-minded citizens, regardless of party, to get involved in the political process to prevent non-party extremists like Arthur Jones from hijacking party nominations and corroding our country’s democracy.


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