Share the article: Pritzker Questions Facts In Hampton Case As Madigan Ward Staffer Wages Smear Campaign To Discredit Hampton’s Sexual Harassment Claims

J.B. Pritzker running ad telling women “we believe you” as he obfuscates case against his political patron, Mike Madigan

“J.B. Pritzker’s words are as empty as his ‘uninhabitable’ mansion. Given another opportunity to call out Mike Madigan for mishandling Alaina Hampton’s sexual harassment complaint, Pritzker chose to cast doubt on the ‘facts’ of the case and again peddle tired talking points intended to defend his political ally, Mike Madigan. Despite being asked point-blank to comment on whether Madigan bears responsibility and should remain in his leadership roles, Pritzker dodged.

“If J.B. Pritzker truly believes Mike Madigan did nothing wrong, he should say it.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

“You know I don’t know all the facts …”

“Again, I’m not sure what all the facts are …”

“We’ve got to find out exactly what the facts are …”

“We need to make sure that all the facts come out …”

“Well I, again, I don’t know all the facts about what happened around the — Alaina.”

“It’s unclear what all the facts are…”

In a Springfield press conference and an interview on WMAY, J.B. Pritzker continued to lay the groundwork to absolve House Speaker Mike Madigan of any responsibility in his mishandling of sexual harassment allegations within his political office by questioning aloud the facts in the Alaina Hampton case.

What, exactly, is unclear, J.B. Pritzker? Text messages published by the Chicago Tribune prove Hampton’s claims against Quinn. Even Mike Madigan doesn’t dispute those facts. That’s why he fired Quinn, albeit after sitting on this information for over three months.

Just last night, NBC5 Chicago Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern broke news that “an associate of Madigan’s” with “close ties to the supervisor who harassed [Alaina Hampton]” has been attempting to dig up dirt on Hampton in a cowardly attempt to discredit the sexual harassment claims made against one of Madigan’s top political staffers.

All this while Pritzker runs a campaign ad where he says he will tell women we believe you,” presumably as it relates to sexual harassment claims.

The truth is J.B. Pritzker’s words are hollow. He says “we believe you” up until the point it directly affects the man behind his campaign for governor, House Speaker Mike Madigan.


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