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“Pritzker is in a precarious spot” because his campaign is backed by Democrats and unions allied with Madigan

Yesterday, J.B. Pritzker held a press conference in Springfield and faced a volley of questions about the recent sexual harassment case in Mike Madigan’s political operation. Not once did Pritzker criticize Madigan or his handling of the case. Instead, he chose to dodge and deflect because his campaign is dependent on Mike Madigan’s support.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

J.B. Pritzker on Wednesday tiptoed around criticizing Mike Madigan over the state Democratic Party chairman’s handling of a sexual harassment complaint.

…Pritzker is in a precarious spot. His Democratic campaign for governor is backed by heavy-hitting state Democrats and unions, many allied with the powerful House speaker. But Pritzker has been careful not to signal public support for Madigan — which many Democratic and Republican opponents would pounce on — given Madigan’s growing unpopularity with some voters.

Madigan, too, is facing a harsh spotlight. The Southwest Side Democrat helped to pass legislation targeting sexual harassment within state government in early November, nearly the same time he received a letter from a woman claiming she was sexually harassed within Madigan’s own 13th Ward operation.

The “Blame Madigan” chorus is popular in this year’s election, and it’s being sung on both sides of the Republican gubernatorial primary, and by Democratic candidates Chris Kennedy, state Sen. Daniel Biss and Madison County Schools Supt. Bob Daiber.

Watch Pritzker absolve Madigan of responsibility HERE.


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