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CHICAGO — The Chicago Tribune published an opinion piece from former Congressman Bob Dold on Sunday on the atrocities Hamas has committed against the Israeli people and the apologists for Hamas’ actions in the Illinois Democratic Party. 

See his full OpEd here and check out excerpts below: 

No matter your gender or your race, your age, your politics or your religion, one common thread that unites nearly all of us is the recognition that while war is hell on both its combatants and its unintended victims, warfare that’s intentionally targeted on civilians is not warfare at all. It is genocide. And that is what Hamas, as a terrorist puppet of Iran, attempted to ignite on Oct. 7 in Israel. That must never be forgotten, and it cannot be forgiven.

Yet – just hours after Hamas engaged in a targeted slaughter of everyone from infants to the elderly while raping and kidnapping countless young women – 16 Illinois elected officials issued statements decrying the violence while simultaneously placing the blame for it squarely on the Jewish victims themselves, echoing the words of those who decry not the existence of violence but the existence of Israel itself.

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