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ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement regarding 16 Illinois legislators unwilling to condemn Hamas actions in Israel:

“The Hamas attack and slaughter of young people at a concert, and their massacre of families, children, babies, and grandparents in southern Israel is an evil atrocity. There can be no justification for the unprovoked slaughter of innocents, and the hate that permeates ideologies that nonetheless seek to justify evil.

That is precisely what 16 Democrat leaders did earlier this week.

The inability of these elected officials to call out evil as evil, and their disgusting attempt to justify evil, should disqualify these individuals from holding public office in Illinois.

We call on Governor Pritzker and all Democrats of good faith to disavow this statement and to call on the individuals that made it to either withdraw and apologize or retire from public life.

Hate should have no home in Illinois — and the Democrat Party should not be a safe haven for those who would justify the slaughter of innocents.”

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