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CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson cancelled his trip to the southern border, realizing that not only would he be incapable of doing anything about Joe Biden’s border crisis, but also that if he wants to keep doing performative media stunts around the migrant crisis, he could just stay home.  

The Chicago Sun-Times posted a scathing editorial last week, saying Johnson’s handling of the crisis shows “no evidence of a solid, workable plan forthcoming from the five-month-old Johnson administration.”  

From the Sun-Times editorial: 

“Tent camps in a Chicago winter are a bad idea on its face, but that’s not the only problem. GardaWorld had been in line for a $40 million contract to build a similar camp in Denver, but officials there gave the company the boot last May, citing abuse allegations against the corporation and its thin experience with housing migrant populations.” 

Mayor Johnson, though he talked a big game during the campaign, he has abjectly failed to follow through on his promises. Johnson’s campaign website says “Chicago must lead with and live by the promise to be a sanctuary city and welcome immigrants and refugees, and treat them with dignity and respect… We must coordinate efforts with local communities with the infrastructure to support displaced immigrants and refugees, and coordinate efforts at all levels of government to provide humane conditions for everyone.”

Tent cities and cots in airport terminals hardly qualifies as treating migrants with dignity and respect. 

We acknowledge Mayor Johnson for realizing his job is the Mayor of *Chicago* and cancelling his border trip. Now he needs to take action to address the issues squarely in his court, like homeless illegal migrants, crime and failing Chicago schools, something he has proven incapable of doing thus far.

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