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Another week has gone by without Governor Pritzker or Senate President Harmon condemning Senator Michael Hastings’ reprehensible behavior. 

It’s been 43 days since a police report obtained by the Edgar County Watchdogs earlier this year, revealed allegations by Hastings’ now ex-wife of domestic violence. According to the report, “Hastings treated his wife poorly for the past 8 months being emotionally and verbally abusive” and “That he battered her, by placing her in a choke hold/neck restraint, and slammed her body into a door multiple times”.

Meanwhile, Hastings has been using taxpayer money to settle additional harassment allegations. “For more than two years, lawyers for the state of Illinois fought against a lawsuit filed by the former chief of staff to powerful Sen. Michael Hastings, D-Frankfort. But the state paid $100,000 earlier this year to the ex-chief of staff to Hastings and her lawyer to settle the case, which included accusations of racial and gender discrimination against the Democratic lawmaker,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Since these scandals broke, there has been nothing but crickets from the Governor and Senate President regarding the serious harassment and domestic abuse allegations against a prominent member of their party’s caucus. 

Governor Pritzker and Senate President Harmon’s silence on the reprehensible allegations against Senator Michael Hastings is deafening. Do they feel these allegations are unserious and not worthy of response? Or is their silence politically calculated? Either way, voters of Illinois deserve to know – and know now –  where the Governor and Senate President stand on inexcusable behavior by one of the most prominent members of their caucus,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.


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