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Under Governor JB Pritzker’s leadership, Illinois has become one of the most pro-criminal, anti-police states in the nation. So, it’s no surprise that almost all Illinois state’s attorneys and sheriffs – the top prosecutors and law enforcement officials in each of their respective counties – are opposed to Pritzker’s new criminal justice “reform” of eliminating cash bail.

On Friday, Kankakee County’s State’s Attorney Jim Rowe, a Democrat, and Sheriff Mike Downey, a Republican, teamed up to sue Governor JB Pritzker and Attorney General Kwame Raoul. Their lawsuit “seeks injunctive relief based upon the Act violating the Illinois Constitution; violating the single-subject law; violating separation of powers; being unconstitutionally vague; and violating the three-readings requirement.”

“According to Governor Pritzker, any opposition to the [un]SAFE-T Act is just ‘right wing propaganda’. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and today’s lawsuit – brought by both a Democrat and a Republican – further highlights the serious issues with this anti-police, pro-criminal legislation,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy“Governor Pritzker and the 92 Democrat legislators who voted in favor of this terrible bill should repeal this radical left-wing bill before it goes into effect on January 1, 2023.”

It couldn’t be more clear: public safety is on the ballot this November, and this awful bill shows why four more years of Governor Pritzker will be dangerous for Illinois families. Kankakee County State’s Attorney Rowe joins Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow as the latest Democrats who are calling out Pritzker, his [un]SAFE-T Act, and its likely potential harm to communities across our state.


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