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CHICAGO — Today, JB Pritzker signed legislation that pushed a BILLION dollars in new taxes onto Prairie State residents. Without billions in federal assistance, Governor Pritzker signed the largest tax-and-spend bill in Illinois HISTORY and is making you and your families pay for it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time. See for yourself:

Pritzker DOUBLED the motor fuel tax

Pritzker implemented a parking garage tax

Pritzker increased taxes on cigarettes and e-cigarettes

Pritzker expanded Illinois’ sales tax to online market places

Pritzker reversed the phase out of corporate franchise tax

“Illinois Democrats’ bloated budget, which is filled with hundreds-of-millions of dollars of new tax increases for pet projects, illegal immigrants and his socialist agenda, is bad for Illinois,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “Illinois families are dealing with Bidenflation, higher prices and more financial problems than ever before and Democrats’ solution is to take even more of their money. Pritzker needs to stop treating taxpayers as his personal piggy bank as he dreams of running for President and of being the far-left’s tax-and-spend darling.”

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