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CHICAGO — Illinois Democrats were dealt a blow by the state’s court system as new election law passed by the statehouse and signed by Governor Pritzker intended to take the voice away from Illinois voters was struck down yesterday by a Sangamon County court.

Gov. Pritzker and his crony Democrats tried to remove the ability to slate candidates without a primary, effectively ensuring that their candidates would go unchallenged in November. With this ruling, the vulnerable Democrats Pritzker and his allies tried to protect, Katie Stuart and Mary Edly-Allen, who are vulnerable to strong challengers already working to earn every vote of their future constituents.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement:
“When the Democrats snuck this amendment into legislation at the 11th hour, trying to pull a fast one on Illinois voters before taking their voice away, we called it what it is: despicable, loathsome crony politics. The courts felt the same way, that this action was a disgrace to our constitution, and struck it down. When Pritzker and his allies try to challenge this ruling, remember that they are fighting to take away your voice and your rights. The courts ruled in favor of the people of Illinois this week, and sent a message to Democrats who would take away choice for our citizens.”

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