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CHICAGO – Welcome back to Continuing Corruption, where we go over the Illinois Democrat Party and how so many of its members have been caught in abusing the power we citizens have given them. But unlike our previous editions up to this point, this one is hot off the presses! This week we’re talking about Illinois Democrat Sen. Patricia Van Pelt, whose actions have ignited suspicion and raised eyebrows among the public.

Van Pelt has been in the political spotlight for years. Representing the 5th Senate District, which encompasses a diverse range of neighborhoods, from the bustling West Loop to the vibrant Wicker Park and Old Town areas, she has held a significant position as the chair of the Senate Local Government Committee. Elected to the Senate in 2012, Van Pelt has been a fixture in Chicago politics, navigating the intricacies of public service while facing both successes and controversies during her tenure.

Despite her recent reelection in 2022 and being appointed to lead a committee, her absence during the spring session has been nothing short of alarming. Missing 903 out of 904 votes and failing to attend any meetings held by her own committee, Van Pelt’s lack of participation has left constituents scratching their heads.

The senator’s explanation for her absence has been less than convincing. Citing “health challenges,” she failed to elaborate on the nature of her ailments or why they hindered her from fulfilling her legislative duties. What’s even more troubling is her ability to travel to other parts of the country and the world for her business engagements while allegedly facing these health challenges.

And by the way, she was paid $56,000 just last week for her job as a lawmaker. You know, the one she’s been playing hooky from all year.

Van Pelt runs a relationship advice and life coaching business, where she goes by the moniker “Dr. Pat,” she has been hosting conferences and events for women. It’s hard to ignore the stark contrast between her supposed health challenges preventing her from participating in crucial legislative matters and her active involvement in business ventures.

Her association with a CBD business, WaKanna for Life, that was forced to pay $144,000 in a settlement following an investigation raised further red flags. With her resignation on August 1st, the 5th Senate District is  facing a significant change, and her departure leaves constituents wondering about the future of their representation in the Illinois Senate.

As we delve deeper into the political landscape of Illinois, it becomes increasingly crucial for elected officials to demonstrate ethical leadership and a genuine dedication to serving the public. Transparency and accountability are not optional; they are the bedrock of a healthy democracy.

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