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CHICAGO —  The spotlight is firmly on Stacy Davis-Gates, President of the Chicago Teachers’ Union (CTU), and her hypocritical stance on school choice. Davis-Gates, a vocal opponent of school choice programs, is championing the teachers union campaign to terminate Illinois’ Invest in Kids Act, a program that provides scholarships to nearly 9,000 underprivileged students for private school education. Her mantra: “I can’t advocate on behalf of public education and the children of this city and educators in this city without it taking root in my own household.”

But let’s take a closer look at her hypocrisy. While Davis-Gates advocates against school choice, she sends one of her own children to De La Salle Institute, a private, Catholic high school in Chicago. Yes, you read that right – private school education for her own, while advocating for something entirely different for other children. Rules for thee, but not for me.

Now, let’s revisit some of Davis-Gates’ past statements on social media. She’s not one to mince words. According to her, “School choice was actually the choice of racists. It was created to avoid integrating schools with Black children.” She’s even gone as far as labeling private schools as “Segregation Academies,” and now she acts to provide her own child the benefits of a private education.

Stacy, if Illinois private schools are racist, why are you sending your child to one?

Davis-Gates’ actions speak louder than her words. They highlight the absurdity of the situation – advocating against something you choose to personally benefit from and can personally afford- unlike many other parents who cannot afford a private school without the Invest in Kids Act .

Davis-Gates’ actions, not her words, is proof positive that public education might not be the best fit for every student, and that parents should have the freedom to choose the education that best suits their children’s needs and aspirations.

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