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CHICAGO — The trial of Tim Mapes, former chief of staff to ex-House Speaker Michael Madigan, has shed light on the intricate web of power and influence that has shaped the landscape of Illinois politics. Mapes was found guilty today of perjury and attempted obstruction of justice for lying to a grand jury during an investigation into a bribery scheme involving ComEd executives and lobbyists.

Testimonies from key figures have offered a glimpse into the inner workings of Mapes’ role within the political sphere. Former State Representative Bob Rita, a Blue Island Democrat, testified that Mapes wielded significant power akin to his boss, Madigan. Rita recounted a sign on Mapes’ desk in Springfield that read, “nobody gets in to see the wizard. Not nobody, not no how.” When pressed about the “wizard,” Rita pointed to Madigan as the figure of authority.

The trial proceedings also featured recordings of conversations involving Mapes, shedding light on political fundraising practices and his departure following a sexual harassment scandal in 2018. These conversations provide a unique insight into the maneuvers and relationships within Madigan’s inner circle as various scandals threatened the stronghold of the Democrat speaker’s legacy.

As part of their case, prosecutors played a series of recorded calls between Mapes and Springfield insider Michael McClain from 2018. These conversations provided insights into discussions about committee assignments and key legislative matters. The trial revealed that Mapes remained actively involved in legislative affairs after resigning due to bullying and harassment allegations.

The calls also touched on topics like ComEd’s leadership transition and the hiring of Maggie Hickey to investigate harassment claims. Mapes is facing perjury charges related to his grand jury testimony, in which he provided false information about his knowledge of Madigan’s impressions and other matters. McClain, who was previously convicted for conspiracy to bribe Madigan, is also scheduled for a separate trial with Madigan for racketeering conspiracy charges in April.

“The culture of corruption that Illinois Democrats fostered for decades is finally being exposed and prosecuted. There is more work to be done, but Illinois citizens deserve a government that works for them, not just for political insiders and their special interest allies.” 
– ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy

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