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“Bruce Rauner on SB1 veto: Make school funding fair for the whole state”

As the Madigan Machine continues to stall, refusing to call Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto of SB1 for a vote, Rauner blitzed editorial boards this week, highlighting how his amendatory veto delivers more money to schools across the state and removes Madigan’s Chicago pension bailout.

The Kankakee Daily Journal: Governor firmly rejects Chicago school bailout
“They stopped paying their pensions,” Rauner said. “Chicago’s teacher pension was basically fully funded 17 years ago. Now, it’s woefully underfunded. Now, [House Speaker Mike] Madigan and Mayor [Rahm] Emmanuel said they have a pension mess. They dumped it on the state by including it in this funding formula. That’s not fair to the taxpayers of Illinois.”
Rauner said his amendatory veto would generate an additional $1 million for Kankakee School District 111.

Northwest Herald: Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner on SB1 veto: Make school funding fair for the whole state
Gov. Bruce Rauner accused Democrats in the General Assembly of sitting on Senate Bill 1 twice, risking state funding for Illinois schools to pass the bill in its current form.
Rauner on Tuesday vetoed SB 1, expecting the General Assembly to then discuss an alternate plan, override the veto or accept the changes to the bill that seeks to revamp a 20-year-old school funding formula that many critics call the worst in the nation.
Rauner, who met Thursday morning with the Northwest Herald Editorial Board, said he believes that lawmakers instead are waiting out time until school starts to generate pressure to pass the bill without the amendments, which he said would take billions of dollars from schools around Illinois and give it to Chicago Public Schools.

Dispatch Argus: Rauner: Legislature must act on school bill
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner said he is encouraging Republicans and Democrats to work together on a school funding bill that is a compromise for both sides.
Gov. Rauner issued an amendatory veto to Senate Bill 1 on Tuesday, legislation that would change the way school districts are funded to one based on need.


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