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It looks like Governor JB Pritzker isn’t just content with badly leading a failing state, he’s also interested in President Joe Biden’s job should the struggling leader decide not to run for re-election in 2024. In a splashy New York Times article – where no detail is included by accident – JB’s team made sure he was among a short list of potential suitors for the presidency. The NYT reported, “[Pritzker] talked privately about his interest in seeking the White House at some point should the opportunity arise.”

At a news conference today, reporters asked the Governor about the NYT mention. Prodded to divulge any plans to run in 2024, Pritzker simply said, “I think I’ve been pretty clear about this. I want to be governor of Illinois. I want to continue to be governor of Illinois. I’m doing the job that I love.”

To be clear, Pritzker never committed to serving his full term as Governor of Illinois should he be reelected in 2022. In fact, after saying he had never talked to anyone publicly or privately about the topic, he contradicted himself by revealing that, “of course, people have mentioned [running for president] to me on occasion…” 

“Governor Pritzker and his team should focus more on fixing the problems that ail our struggling state instead of dreaming of the White House. JB has surrounded himself with a bunch of depressed Clinton 2016 alums who still believe the right to lead the country is theirs. Now they’ve found a billionaire benefactor to make another go of it and Pritzker, it seems, is happy to indulge in the fantasy.

Newsflash to team Pritzker, our economy lags behind all our neighbors, violent crime is destroying communities, rampant inflation is busting the budgets of already overtaxed Illinoisans, and public corruption still defines our political system. Get to work, Governor, and stop dreaming.” – ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy


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