Share the article: As Crime and Omicron Surge, Pritzker Laughably Tries to Convince Illinois Families “We’re on the Right Track”

Ignores disastrous crime bill, push for massive tax hike, a federal bailout all while carrying on Madigan corruption in Springfield

As crime and COVID-19 surge across Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker’s focus is on politics, launching a new political ad that laughably tries to convince Illinois families “we’re on the right track.” 

The new ad conveniently ignores three years of Pritzker/Madigan corruption and policies that are driving people out of Illinois in droves including: 

  • Claiming credit for paying bills while ignoring the massive federal bailout that rescued the state from years of Democratic mismanagement.      
  • Signing a disastrous crime bill that puts criminals onto the streets while tying the hands of law enforcement.
  • Attempting to pass the largest tax hike in Illinois history, while committing to do it again.
  • Breaking promises and partnering with Mike Madigan to keep insiders in control of Springfield.  

 “Not even a week into 2022, and JB Pritzker is already attempting to rewrite history hoping voters forget he signed a disastrous crime bill that lets criminals onto our streets, pushed for the largest tax hike in Illinois history and partnered with Mike Madigan to keep Springfield insiders in power,” said ILGOP Spokesperson Joe Hackler. 


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