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The latest email from Mike McClain, uncovered by WBEZ, to the top staff of the former Quinn administration is beyond comprehension. We all know that McClain is one of Madigan’s closest allies, most trusted lobbyist and personal friend of the Speaker. What we didn’t know is that when McClain carried on as Madigan’s enforcer, he cited the cover-up of a rape as a badge of honor when imploring government officials to protect his patronage hire. 

“The company you keep for decades says a lot about the type of person you are. Madigan and his leadership – the power structure of the Democratic party in Illinois – is rotten to the core. Madigan must provide answers immediately to these two questions: what did you know about the rape and when did you know it?” – ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider

Republicans aren’t the only ones disgusted by the actions of Madigan’s best friend. Members of Madigan’s own House Democrat Caucus have also voiced their displeasure:

Rep. Kelly Cassidy

“And let’s stop pretending he’s (McClain) a ‘former’ anything. This is the guy who for decades has been seen as the most powerful lobbyist in the state and remains incredibly close to the Speaker.”

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz

The representative tweeted in response to Rep. Cassidy: “…Like a human dumpster fire @RepKellyCassidy”

Rep. Ann Williams

“Stunning and incredibly disturbing to read about the callous dismissal of a rape and its coverup. Anyone involved must be held accountable  and an investigation should be conducted immediately. No one is above the law.”

Rep. Will Guzzardi

“Truly disturbing news. ‘Keeping your mouth shut’ about a rape is reprehensible, and thinking it’s a thing to be commended is really twisted. ‘He is loyal.’ As much as anything, it’s the cult of loyalty in Springfield that’s toxic.”

ILGOP Spokesman Joe Hackler argued this situation is too important for a curt Steve Brown response from the Speaker, saying, “Madigan needs to come out from under the rock he pretends to live under and answer questions. Why was his closest ally going around bragging about the cover-up of a rape? Did McClain ever discuss said rape with him and if he did, why didn’t Madigan do anything about it?” 


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