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ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider released the following statement in response to the revelation that Director of the Department of Agriculture, and former state senator, John Sullivan resigned because he knew about Mike McClain’s “rape in Champaign” email at the time and did nothing: 

“If a random state legislator like John Sullivan knew about McClain’s email at the time, surely there were others who knew about it and also ‘kept their mouths shut.’ It defies belief that John Sullivan knew of the email and its contents, but Speaker Mike Madigan, a close confidant of the email’s author, knew nothing. 

Today’s news begs additional questions: Who else knew about the “rape in Champaign”? When did they find out? Why didn’t they do anything? These questions deserve answers, and that’s why I agree with Leader Durkin that there should be a House investigation to get to the bottom of this scandal.”


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