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Chicago, IL – Yesterday marked one week since Brandon Johnson’s inauguration as Mayor of Chicago, a week in which Johnson and his allies made clear that their goal is to grow the government and crush the city’s private sector.

Rather than take action on issues impacting every Chicagoan, like overbearing taxes and rampant crime, Johnson and his allies proposed policies and programs that would raise taxes and grow Chicago’s already massive government infrastructure – not to mention driving home the Chicago Bears’s decision to move to Arlington Heights.

Take a look at some of the chaos taking place in Mayor Johnson’s first week:

  • Progressive Group Lays Out Own Plan to Implement Brandon Johnson’s Pledge to Tax the ‘Ultra-Rich,’ Big Corporations
    • “Hiking taxes by approximately $8 billion and saving more than $5 billion by reducing the Chicago Police Department’s budget and changing the way the city borrows money and handles its pension funds.”
    • “ACRE’s plan, titled “First We Get the Money,” would raise billions more than the platform that Johnson campaigned on, which proposed $800 million in new taxes.”
  • Johnson allies push a $12 billion tax plan
    • As first reported by Crain’s Chicago Business, the $12 billion financial plan “doubles down on controversial tax-hike ideas pitched by Johnson during his campaign and adds a few more — including enactment of a city wealth tax and income tax, deep cuts in police spending, and an effective end to all tax-increment financing projects.”
  • New Chicago mayor takes quick action with first executive orders — what to know
    • The orders create new positions in the mayor’s office to protect the rights of immigrants and improve community safety. They also give the mayor more control over the police department.
      • Establish a Deputy Mayor for Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee Rights
      • Establish a Deputy Mayor for Community Safety
      • Establish a Deputy Mayor for Labor Relations

Bottom Line: If this is what a week under Brandon Johnson looks like, imagine what the next four years will do to the city of Chicago?


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