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With the tax likely in it’s final hours, Democrats have one final chance to stand up for taxpayers

The inaction we’ve seen from the Democrat candidates for governor is indicative of their governing philosophy: loudly exclaim their support for working families and taxpayers, but then bury their heads in the sand when push comes to shove. Now that Soda Tax repeal is imminent, the Democrats have one final chance to show that they care.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

With only a day remaining in the shelf life of Toni Preckwinkle’s Soda Tax, the Democrat candidates for governor continue to sit on their hands. After 72 days of an overreaching tax that disproportionately hurts poor and working families, the Democrats have taken no action to stand up for Illinois citizens.

Their unwillingness to take a stand is inexcusable, but should not be surprising. When candidates claim their ‘independence,’ even their fellow Democrats know they are lying.

It has been 72 days since the tax was enacted, and many more since its initial passing. Poll after poll has made it clear that Illinoisans oppose the Soda Tax. They made it clear they will not stand for Toni Preckwinkle’s deceit, and took action.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are nowhere to be seen, trying to tow the line between Mike Madigan and the rest of the Chicago Machine.

If the Democrat gubernatorial candidates will not stand up against this unfair tax, Illinois voters should fear what they would bring to Springfield.

Last chance, Democrats.


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