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As Pritzker tries to distance himself from Madigan, the Democrat audience responds with laughter and groans

On Sunday, the Democrats running for governor were abundantly clear: Mike Madigan is for J.B. Pritzker. It makes sense, since Pritzker and Madigan both share a history of corrupt deal-making and gaming the system for their own personal gain. Pritzker’s attempts to distance himself from Madigan were literally laughable – so laughable that an audience of Democrats and progressives wren’t buying the malarkey he was peddling.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

On Sunday, the Democratic candidates for governor held a forum at the Chicago Teacher’s Union headquarters, and though they may disagree on exactly how high they will raise taxes, they all came together on one topic: Mike Madigan’s support for J.B. Pritzker.

When asked about his relationship with Mike Madigan, Pritzker repeatedly dodged the question, fumbling over his inability to change the subject. His discomfort was so plain that after being challenged on the issue by moderator Mary Ann Ahern, Pritzker’s non-answers were met with laughter from the crowd of Democrat activists.

Not only do Pritzker’s fellow Democrats discuss his support from Madigan, they also point out Pritzker’s Chicago mansion property tax scam.

Though Pritzker claims purposefully removing plumbing from a mansion for a huge tax break is simply a “renovation project,” others point out that they had “never even heard” of having a house reclassified as uninhabitable to game the reassessment system, making Chicago homeowners pay more while Pritzker pays less.

All the while, Pritzker decries the assessment system as unfair and broken, but he refuses to call for the removal of Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios, the man who made Pritzker’s ‘renovation project’ work.

The Democrats may not always agree on how big government should be, but they all came together on one topic: J.B. Pritzker is Mike Madigan’s candidate for governor.


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