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CHICAGO — Following President Biden’s State of the Union address this evening, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following response: 

“President Biden’s address tonight sent a clear message that four years of his presidency is all we can afford. What has the Biden-Pritzker agenda done for Illinois families? A migrant crisis straining the resources of this city and state, emboldened criminals across the country to commit brazen crimes knowing they will likely be let right back onto the streets IF they are caught, and food prices that remain staggeringly high for families. We as Republicans must come together to restore fiscal sanity and safe neighborhoods to our state and country. It is incumbent upon us to elect Republicans up and down the ticket to take back the statehouse, win majorities in Congress, and right the ship for our children and grandchildren. In just 8 months, we can retire Joe Biden and build a better future for our Illinois families!

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