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Dolton, IL – Mayor Tiffany Henyard made headlines this week after blocking a probe into excessive spending on the taxpayer dime, including first class flights to Las Vegas, lavish personal spending, and even cash doled out for a personal police detail despite the village’s relatively small population.  Meanwhile, Dolton’s debts remain unpaid with untold numbers of vendors still owed thousands dating back to at least 2002. Multiple vendors are owed at least 6 figures in unpaid payments.

And when local officials attempted to get to the bottom of where the money is going, how did the mayor respond? She vetoed the proposal to open an inquiry. 

ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement:

“Another day, another Illinois Democrat is facing a corruption inquiry. That makes over a dozen during my tenure as Illinois Republican Party Chairman alone, and conveniently for him, Attorney General Kwame Raoul is never involved. Since taking over as Attorney General in 2019, Raoul has avoided every opportunity to take substantive action to address public corruption in what can be described as nothing short of a dereliction of duty. Raoul must show he is willing to take on public corruption or voters should start calling for an Attorney General who will.”

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