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Chicago, IL – In response to the chaos, violence, and destruction caused by the so-called ‘Chicago Teen Takeover’ last weekend, Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson sent a clear message to Chicago residents and business owners: ‘don’t demonize criminal behavior by juveniles.’

We hate to break it to Mayor-Elect Johnson, but the residents, businesses and the media aren’t ‘demonizing’ juveniles or the kids as he calls them. Chicago residents are reacting to what can only be described as mass destructive and reckless criminal activity that occurred this past weekend. Not surprisingly, business and community leaders have already begun to question the Mayor-Elect’s leadership.

“It is no surprise that a self-avowed ‘defund the police’ Democrat like Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson refuses to hold individuals accountable for their violent behavior or clearly condemn their criminal conduct,” said Illinois Republican Chairman Don Tracy. “With warmer weather arriving soon, Chicago residents are worried this will be a ‘Summer of Joy 2.0’ and with an incoming Mayor who will do little or nothing to protect them and their families from mass lawlessness and disorder,” added Chairman Tracy.

Is this the image of Chicago that residents and business owners want to see portrayed nationally and globally at the 2024 DNC Convention next year, an out of control City? If the DNC wanted to showcase rising crime, high taxes, political corruption, declining population and fleeing businesses, they chose well.


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