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Chicago, IL – This past weekend, hundreds of unsupervised teenagers recklessly swarmed and disrupted Downtown Chicago, prompting a police response and lighting up social media.

“Last weekend’s chaotic and violent scenes came just a few days after the DNC chose Chicago for their convention, and less than two weeks after Chicago elected a mayor who has explicitly expressed his support for defunding the police,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “Unfortunately, Mayor-elect Johnson chose to minimize this violent and disruptive behavior, and refused to hold these unsupervised juveniles accountable for their actions,” added Chairman Tracy.

Will Mayor-elect Johnson take questions today, and will he continue to minimize the chaos and violence we saw take place this weekend?

When Chicago hosts the DNC Convention, the nation will get a primetime look at the harmful Progressive policies that have allowed events like this to become the norm for Chicago residents and businesses.


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