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CHICAGO — Mayor Brandon Johnson announced this week that he will travel to the southern border to “assess” the migrant situation, the same week that it was discovered Governor JB Pritzker is asking President Biden for additional resources to fix the problem Pritzker himself invited.

While Mayor Johnson’s attention should be focused on resolving the crisis here in Chicago, he will instead be heading to a border where he has no jurisdiction, no authority, and no way to fix (or should we say exacerbate) Joe Biden’s failures.

Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement in response:

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and that is exactly what we have seen from Democrats Pritzker and Johnson as the migrant crisis has grown worse and worse. Mayor Johnson’s border trip won’t fix the Biden migrant crisis, just add more lip service. Governor & Mayor – it’s time to admit that the Democrat Party’s failure to secure the border has put the well being of Chicagoland and its citizenry in harm’s way.”

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