Share the article: ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy Joins 16 Other GOP Leaders in a Letter Condemning State Rep. Jonathan Carroll’s Alleged Actions

Yesterday, ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy joined suburban Republican leaders to speak out against the behavior of State Representative Jonathan Carroll in the wake of continued allegations:

We would hope the Democratic leadership at the state, Congressional District, Township and Precinct level would share the belief with us that these allegations — which by the way were revealed far too late to be of political advantage to Republican candidate Rory Welch — need to be addressed expeditiously so that voters who have not yet gone to the polls can hear them, hear both sides and make their judgments in the voting booth. The time is now to demand this from Carroll; waiting until after the election would show callous disregard to the electorate we are supposed to serve,” said the 17 GOP leaders in their statement

Most recently a former staffer of Carroll’s, Elly Fawcett-Neal filed a complaint with the Inspector General last month claiming that Carroll’s chief of staff pressured her to get an abortion. She was later fired. 

Springfield Lobbyist Tiffany Elking claims that Carroll called her and threatened to thwart the legislative agenda of the PAC she represented unless her client Jay Edelson dropped an objection to a class action settlement where Carrol’s ex-wife served as co-counsel. 

Further, he has been accused by his ex-wife in a sworn court filing of “refus[ing] to meaningfully financially contribute toward the support of his two minor children since the parties’ separation in October 2021.”

“These allegations detail potentially illegal behavior and reprehensible treatment of women. State Rep Carroll must immediately answer in detail each allegation publicly. If he fails to do that, he should immediately resign his seat and suspend his campaign.”


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