Share the article: ILGOP Statement on President Biden Calling Critics “Idiots” in Joliet

Joe Biden’s agenda is so unpopular that purple state Democrats don’t want him anywhere near their campaigns. Forced to spend the Saturday before the Election bailing out once-safe suburban Democrat Lauren Underwood who is now on the run from her support for his disastrous agenda, Biden lashed out at critics of his record, calling them “idiots”

The Illinois Republican Party issued the following statement from Communications Director James Zenn, calling for Rep. Lauren Underwood to disavow Biden’s comments:

“With inflation at record levels unseen in 40 years, Biden would rather name-call and distract than have to explain to voters why his terrible energy policies and reckless spending agenda have ratcheted up their gas and grocery bills. Underwood supported these policies every step of the way, proving that she is just as out of touch with what is ailing western suburban voters as the President. Underwood can disavow the President’s out-of-touch comments, or she can continue to follow his agenda to its final destination – out of office on the morning of November 9th.”


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