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Now more than ever, Illinois Republicans believe it is time to address the crisis of public trust created by deep rooted Democrat corruption that seemingly produces a new story of malfeasance on a weekly basis. 

Yesterday, members of the House GOP held a virtual press conference to demand immediate action. 

Illinois Republicans say Madigan should resign after Commonwealth Edison last week admitted to bribing the speaker through hiring lobbyists and staff he recommended.  Madigan has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

Members of the Illinois House GOP say that scandal is reason enough for Governor J.B. Pritzker to bring lawmakers back for a special session dealing with ethics legislation.

Republicans don’t just want to oust the Speaker, they want real change. 

The Republicans suggest a ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists and using political funds for criminal defense. But they deeply want a change in leadership.

“Speaker Madigan has spent decades creating his Springfield machine. So Madigan must go. That much is clear. But it does the people of Illinois no good if his crony culture stays. Otherwise, another insider is just going to take the reins and the corruption cycle is going to start all over again. This is an area where Governor Pritzker certainly could have been leading, it’s unfortunate that he didn’t, but I’m ultimately here because I want good governance.”

“I want real change. I want a culture of public servants who again are choosing people over power, who choose the people of Illinois over a political machine who do what’s best for Illinois instead of what’s best for the insider political class,” said Representative Deanne Mazzochi (R-Naperville).

The response from Pritzker?  “Requests for comments from the Speaker and Governor’s offices were not immediately returned Tuesday afternoon.”


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