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Yesterday, the Champaign News Gazette’s Jim Dey reminded us that Madigan is now “Public Official A” – the same title previously assigned to former Governor Rod Blagojevich – and that is “all bad.” 

Republican state legislators, meanwhile, called for Madigan to resign and for Pritzker to issue a call to special session to address the ethics cloud hanging over Illinois.

But Governor JB Pritzker?  He’s made it clear to the people of Illinois: he’s all-in for Mike Madigan until the very end.  Like Thelma and Louise, Pritzker is holding on tight to a man he still considers a political ally.

Let’s review the state of play:

  • Pritzker Blocking and Tackling Calls for Madigan to Resign: Despite calls from members of his own party for Madigan to step down now, Pritzker contends the accusations against Madigan are “just implied” and that Madigan does not need to resign from any leadership post.
  • Pritzker Protecting Madigan Clout Hires: Pritzker has not addressed the Madigan clout list hires he placed throughout his administration, including the most controversial appointment of all: Carrie Zalewski, the daughter-in-law of a close Madigan ally targeted by the federal investigation to regulate ComEd.  Pritzker has also not addressed yesterday’s Chicago Tribune report that his Madigan appointee to the ICC spent months in court trying to shield ComEd from a probe into the death of a cable line worker.  Pritzker refuses to fire Zalewski in the wake of the federal investigation.
  •  Pritzker Hasn’t Asked for His Money Back from Madigan: Pritzker transferred millions of dollars to campaign funds controlled by Madigan even after his 2018 victory.  Pritzker has not addressed whether that money should be returned and whether he believes those funds are indirectly subsidizing Madigan’s legal defense efforts (which newspapers report are funded by Madigan’s campaign).
  • Pritzker Dodges Questions on His Own Federal Investigation: Pritzker continues to downplay the significance of news reports that the US Attorney’s Office is widening its probe of Pritzker’s own potentially fraudulent property tax schemes.

Here are a few questions we’d love to see Pritzker address:

1)    Will you acknowledge that Michael Madigan is “Public Official A” in the US Attorney’s court filings?

2)    Rod Blagojevich was also “Public Official A” and you supported Blagojevich at that time (in fact, you even called Blagojevich to discuss the US Senate appointment).  Clearly, you made a big mistake with Blagojevich.  Aren’t you making the same mistake all over again – only this time betting your governorship on the newest “Public Official A”?

3)    Which allegations against “Public Official A” described in the US Attorney’s court filing do you think are not true?

4)    Will you demand that Madigan return your campaign contributions?  Do you have concerns that Madigan is using tainted campaign funds for his legal defense?

5)    Why did Carrie Zalewski fight in court to protect ComEd in litigation arising from the death of a cable line worker?  Doesn’t that raise red flags given her conflict of interest in the ongoing federal probe?


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