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Under Governor JB Pritzker’s leadership, Illinois has become one of the most radically pro-criminal, anti-police states in the nation. So, it’s no surprise that state’s attorneys – the top prosecutors in each of their respective counties – are no fan of Pritzker’s new criminal “reform” of eliminating cash bail.

As reported by WGEM, even a Democrat state’s attorney, Will County’s James Glasgow, has serious concerns about the new law as he relayed a frightening scenario. “If someone murders a person, and that’s the only person that we’re aware of that they’re a danger to, that doesn’t fulfill the burden,” Glasgow said. “I mean any normal sane person would say that’s insane, that’s absurd, that’s ridiculous it can’t be in the law but it’s in the law.”

You’re right, James. Any “normal sane person” would say a law immediately releasing violent criminals onto our streets to commit more acts of violence is “absurd” and “ridiculous.” More importantly, it doesn’t keep our communities safe.

Governor Pritzker has the abnormal and insane governing philosophy that prioritizes the thoughts and feelings of violent criminals above law enforcement and public safety.

Four more years of JB Pritzker is dangerous for Illinois.


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