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Today, a report from Illinois’ Auditor General was released detailing how Governor JB Pritzker and his administration failed to act in mitigating a COVID outbreak at the state-run LaSalle Veterans Home that tragically took the life of 36 veterans. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy has released the following statement in response:

“When will Governor Pritzker finally take responsibility for the ‘shameful neglect’ that resulted in the deaths of 36 of our nation’s heroes at LaSalle Veterans Home? How many more reports have to be released detailing his administration’s deadly incompetence before he stops pointing fingers and deflecting?

In 2018, Pritzker blamed his predecessor for a ‘callous regard for human life’ and  ‘fatal mismanagement’ of the Quincy Veterans Home. Given that LaSalle’s tragedy was much more deadly, the Governor must surely agree that in this instance, his own leadership demonstrated a ‘callous disregard for human life’ and ‘fatal mismanagement’ of a veterans home. If not, he should explain why.”


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